Why Using “The Draft” as a Weapon Against a Feminist is Ignorant

Of all the ‘genuine male complaints’ I find on the men’s rights and mra tags that I peruse on a daily basis, this particular argument to me is the most puzzling, especially since, well, I read.

"The draft is misandry!" - "You think women are oppressed?  Why don’t they have to sign up for the draft, then?" - "You’re a feminist?  Well you should be fighting for women to have to sign up for the draft, then!"

Now, the average male teenage to mid-twenties tumblr “social justice blogger” might spew this string of asinine consciousness thinking that he actually has an argument against feminism.  He might actually believe that feminism has done nothing to attempt to rectify what he perceives as a gross injustice to his fellow men.  Furthermore, he might actually believe it’s something he can validly use to derail constructive feminist discussion.

What he doesn’t know, poor lad, is that in 1980 President Jimmy Carter urged Congress to enact Military Selective Service with a broadening to include women.  Awesome, right?  Unfortunately for him, and men everywhere, the Congress decided, meh, to hell with what the President wants, and enacted Selective Service on the grounds it had previously held, as male-only registration.  Let’s take a look at how the gender breakdown in that particular Senate/House:

Senate: 98 Men / 2 Women (2%)
House: 423 Men / 12 Women (2.7%)

(Those pesky women sure must’ve been doing their darndest to make sure they didn’t have to sign up for the draft, you know, with their overwhelming majority)

But wait!  There’s hope!  A group of attorneys actually challenged this ruling on the grounds of gender discrimination.  And guess who provided aid to the attorneys during the course of this appeal to the Supreme Court?  The American Civil Liberties Union Women’s Rights Project.  Again, those damn women, always doing shit to avoid the draft, right?

The Supreme Court ultimately upheld the law as it stood, despite the appeal, and found it to have no grounds in gender discrimination.  Like we did before, let’s take a look at the gender breakdown in the Supreme Court:

Supreme Court: 9 Men / 0 Women (0%)

(Egads!  Those pesky women are at it AGAIN trying to avoid the draft.  They just won’t quit!)

Not to add more salt to the man tears, but there was also, you know, a resolution passed in 1980 by the NATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR WOMEN(a feminist organization, no less!) that cited males-only Selective Service as discriminatory. 

Those damn feminists, always dodging the draft.  See where I’m going with this?

The males-only nature of the Selective Service System is an issue.  A real issue.  One that is deeply rooted in gender norms, and in order to have true equality it must be amended.  Nobody is here to dispute that, not even most feminists, as evidenced by the fact that we’ve tried to help you on multiple occasions.

So next time you’re trying to belittle a feminist and pull out the draft card, think of how much of an idiot you’re sounding like to that person.  They’re likely to be aware of the two cases I described above.  They know it’s a male dominated legislation that continues to uphold this injustice.  They know they’ve tried to help you.